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[Log] May 3rd, Lake Biwa Ryokan

Ohkura woke up ten minutes before the alarm if his phone went off. He needed to get up before they came to serve breakfast. Ryo seemed to be still sleeping but he didn't want to wake him up yet so he changed the time of the alarm and left his phone in the room. He went to the living room to wait for the waiters and soon they were in the room, clearing the table from yesterday's dinner and serving a quite big japanese style breakfast. It looked really nice and Ohkura was hungry already but when the waiters left, he couldn't help but eat a bit of rice while waiting for the others to come.

[Log] May 2nd, Biwa lake Ryokan

Ohkura was feeling a bit nervous. He had thought this trip would be a great idea when he imagined it months ago, a good way to thank his new friends. But now he felt that he had pushed them a little, not giving them a chance to say if they wanted it or not. And thinking about it, lake Biwa maybe had been a good place for going with his family but it probably wasn't too exciting. He sighed. The bus stopped in front of the ryokan.

"Here we are." he sad as he walked inside the main building towards the reception.
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[Log] March 14th, Subaru's apartment

Yasu had been looking forward to this ever since the costume arrived. He was embarrassed at first, but the more he thought about it, the more he wondered about it, and the more excited he became, thinking how Subaru would react. He thought today would be an apt day to wear it - it was White Day after all, and Subaru had certainly been good to him on Valentine's Day... even if he claimed to not have any idea what day it was.

He looked at himself in the mirror. The underwear felt a bit strange, but he thought he looked pretty cute, even if he did say so himself!

[Log] Friday February 27th, evening. Ryo's apartment

Ohkura has been wandering around Tokyo all morning since he saw his results at the music college. He couldn't quite believe how it had happened. Having tried so hard to make his parents not mad because he wanted to come to this college had played against him obviously and taking exams in two other universities first hadn't helped either. He couldn't believe he had passed in those and not in the only one he wanted to pass. Now his parents were happy but he couldn't feel worse. How will he tell Ryo? Just thinking that made him angry and frustrated. He had to go to his apartment soon since he had told him he was going and didn't want him to get worried. Ohkura really wanted to see Ryo but he didn't want to have to tell him this.

He finally took the train that would take him back to the college's apartments. He was sad but also really angry with himself. He hated this and he wished he didn't have to tell Ryo. He would probably be dissapointed. It was so damn unfair! Ohkura slowly walked out of the station. The more he thought about this, the more angry he got. He started walking a little bit faster. For some reason, it was kind of cold in Tokyo that day. When he realized he was in front of Ryo's door. He waited a couple of minutes before knocking, thinking what he could say to him. Then, Ohkura slowly raised his hand and knocked a couple of times on the door.
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[Log] February 20th, Subaru's apartment

Yasu only had a week until all his major assignments were due in. He had a piece to finish composing, an essay to write, and an art portfolio to complete. He knew he had to knuckle down and get lots of work done this weekend, which was why he'd come to his own apartment this evening. He didn't want to stress around Subaru - he knew he wouldn't be nice to be around. Plus, Subaru could be very distracting, even when he didn't mean to be! Yasu didn't trust himself.

He'd done as much as he could for the evening - it was late, and he was tired, and he just wanted to cuddle up to Subaru and sleep before he had to get up and work again tomorrow. He turned off the lights and wearily headed back to Subaru's.

"Tadaima," he mumbled, kicking off his shoes.
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[Log] February 6th. evening

Subaru couldn't believe what he was seeing. Sure, Yasu had been acting a bit weird since that day but he wasn't sure that he was expecting this. He revised the history of Yasu's browser one more time. It was full of site with more than questionable content. Subaru had no idea that Yasu liked that kind of things! He realized though, that it seemed to have the day after "that day" and he regreted immensely having said what he said. He had created a monster it seemed!

There was no way he was going to do those things though, he thought. Subaru had to admit that he had liked what they did quite a lot but he wasn't going to tell that to Yasu. He liked being the one in charge for once. All his past "relationships" had been the same but now that he had the chance to be the "man" he wasn't going to give in so easily.

[Log] January 30th, Ohkura's school

Ryo didn't feel quite so confident this time, as he approached Ohkura's school. It was just before the end of classes, and he just wanted to catch Ohkura and drag him somewhere and make him listen. He hated to admit it, but he was pretty nervous. He tried to stay out of sight this time, he didn't want Ohkura spotting him and getting out another way.

[Log] January 26th, Ryo's apartment, Subaru's apartment

Ryo had hardly been able to sleep last night. He felt so guilty! He couldn't imagine what had possessed him to say those things to Subaru; he'd spent hours berating himself for it, going over and over it in his mind. Ohkura probably didn't want to know him anymore. But Ryo didn't want to let it go! He couldn't. He had to sort this out somehow.

He didn't know what he should do for the best, though. He'd helped out Yasu when he and Subaru had fought... but it was different, looking at it objectively. Maybe, he thought, maybe they could help him now? Give him another perspective? Though he'd have to apologise to Yasu as well first. If he didn't want his advice, he might've put that off for a while, but as it was... He wanted to make everything right again as soon as possible.

He smiled wryly as he put his shoes on and stepped outside. Ohkura really did mean a lot to him... why had he ever tried to deny it, even to Subaru?

[Log] January 25th, Ryo's apartment

Ryo had found that he almost always woke up before Ohkura. They hadn't gone to sleep too late last night, so he woke up at a decent time for a Sunday, and lay in bed for a few minutes, facing Ohkura and smiling, thinking about last night. He hoped Ohkura wasn't too sore this morning. He felt a bit bad still, but it wasn't as if he hadn't offered to be on the bottom!

After a little while he thought maybe it would be nice to make some breakfast or something for when Ohkura woke up, so he carefully climbed out of bed, put a t-shirt on and went to the kitchen to investigate.

[Log] January 24th, to Ryo's apartment

Ryo was glad Ohkura had been able to make it this weekend. He knew this was the last time he was likely to see him before he had to study for entrance exams and stuff. He felt like they had to make the most of it. So today they'd been out to lunch, shopping, seen a movie, dinner... and now they were on their way back to Ryo's.

Ryo couldn't deny what he was thinking about. Even though they'd met since the... incident at Ohkura's house, he hadn't pushed anything - they'd had fun together, he'd let Ohkura say when he was ready. But he couldn't help hoping that this time, when they knew they were going to be apart for a while... maybe...

He turned his head to give Ohkura a smile.